Super Minneapolis

Super Minneapolis 2016-05-31

Adventure Log of The Human Capacitor!

I had a visit at my apartment from a generic middle-aged balding man named “Mr. Jones” who said that he represented some branch of the government and is interested in people who were “affected” by recent events. He claimed to have some surveillance tape of something that happened a couple of weeks ago. He wants to recruit me, but refuses to tell me what I’d have to do except learn about my abilities and be available for “missions.” He says that they will pay me 10 times my current salary. I agreed to go to their facility next week, but didn’t commit to doing what they say.

A few days later, on Tuesday afternoon, I went downtown to have a late lunch at the food trucks on Marquette Ave, when three hulking monsters appear at the back of the line and start attacking people. People seem to be running from the South to get away from the creatures. I tried to get people to run away while interposing myself between them and the people running away. One of the creature grabbed me, but could actually get through my shield to hurt me. When I tried to touch it to knock it out, I managed to miss even though I am literally being held by it. What a loser.

I can see a dude in a shabby suit with a handgun also trying to fight one of the monsters. He moved up to one of the monsters, looked at it funny, and the monster went down. I was hit by one of the creatures and knocked down, which hurt and made me mad. I got back up and punched it with all my strength, knocking it out. It turned into a normal office worker. What’s going on with that? The dude in the cheap suit with the handgun shot another creature in the head, which also reverted to a normal human. So when we take them out they turn into normal people, wierd.

The remaining creature near me tried to hit me, but it’s hit was deflected by my EM field. I grabbed its arm and gave it a good jolt to knock it out. I saw that the guy with the gun was shooting at the creature still advancing on him. The other creature is still just standing there not trying to attack. I was hit really hard, which knocked me back into a wall. That hurts. The guy with the gun that I can see over there got hit, knocking him back. I grabbed a power line from the food truck generator to make myself feel better. The generator could barely keep up with me. The guy with the handgun shot the creature.

The two creatures knocked over the food truck that I was hiding under, knocking it on it’s side. A guy in work boots and jeans with dull ironm skin ran up and yelled at the two who knocked over the food truck “Hey, I wanted a taco!” He’s running toward me. I rolled away and missed them with a lightning bolt. The guy with the handgun shot one of the creatures again and the other flailed around as if hurt, but the guy didn’t seem do anything. Hmm.

The metal dude seems to be holding up to getting hit, but can’t hurt these guys. I finally was able to punch the guy attacking me, and POW, right in the kisser. Down he went. I see what looks like a guy in the middle of a bright globe of light flying around to the south of us. A dark guy who looks like he has a stick up his ass flew up and shot a black beam at the last creature that seemed to be pinned by the gunslinger.

We ran up the couple of blocks to the Dakota which seems to be the center of the trouble. The monster waiter tried to hit the gunslinger, so I shot the monster with a lightning bolt, knocking it out. The dark dude yelled “Attack the minions!” The light dude shot a light bolt at the violinist (who should have been a pianist), taking it out. The steel dude slid a giant concrete planter through the front of the Dakota and into the saxophonist (who would have been a bassist in a decent jazz trio) and I stepped in and punched it in the face, stunning it. The gunslinger is punching the guy who kept saying “you’re not perfect” as if we are annoying him. Ironhead and I fought the drummer and saxophonist at close range while the others tried to snipe at the drummer, who seems to have a magical ability to avoid them. Steelhead grabbed the drum set and whacked the drummer with it while I hit the saxophonist right in the face and took it out. The diner seems to be almost normal now.

The drummer punched Ironhead in the head, knocking him back a bit. That looked like it hurt. When dark dude finally took out the drummer, and the diner turned into a homeless man. I walked up and touched him to knock him unconscious. We all faded to try to escape, but I got stopped by police asking for a witness statement. I told them how I hid under the food truck and didn’t see a thing.

Enough of the cell phone video was streaming to the internet, and we are all identified through image enhancement and doxxed. The police came to my apartment and “invited” me to to

Peter Driscoll, private investigator, former military, former cop, who was in a car crash and his family was killed and he was severely injured and lost his right arm, which grew back.

George Arthur, former Navy Seal, now a security guy at a lab.

Ian Vanya, Phycisist/guitarist in a metal band. He’s supposed to be dead.

They picked me and the rest of the people up in a dark car. I didn’t want to go to the FBI building, so I got out of the car downtown and went to Target to buy some sunglasses.

The rest of the group met with Betsy Hodgens (mayor of Minneapolis), Janee Harteau (Chief of Police), and Mr. Jones. The officials told them that they need help, so they want us to be a special task force of the police to “take care” of such incidents.



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