Super Minneapolis

Super Minneapolis 2016-06-14

The one where we join the cops

When I went to work on Saturday, it was a zoo. There were news people and others not buying anything. After a couple of hours, my manager sent me home and told me that he wouldn’t be scheduling me for two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to pay the rent. :(

The other four were brought to a gym with a big black dude named Rufus Jones holding a tonfa. He tells them that he is the one who will decide if they are ready for the field and he’s demanding that everyone demonstrate their abilities. George Arthur (Shadow Man) teleported out of the room, then created a black sphere and crushed the basketball hoop, then shot a ray from his finger. Mick Connelly (SteelHead) said a corny catchphrase and turned into steel, then tossed a heavy weight, then ran through the wall.

Peter Driscoll (Spooky Dude) drank a couple of bottles of booze without touching the bottle. Light Boy shot the bottle, shattering it and embedding glass in Peter’s face. The glass floated out of his face and he healed immediately. He then walked over and lifted some weights from the weight set without touching them. He claims that that he can reach into someone’s body and squeeze their organs. Rufus volunteers for a demonstration. He gasped and backed away.

Ian Vanya (Light Boy) says that he already demonstrated his shooting ability. He also can move faster than sound. He gets all glowy and says that it protects him.

Mr. Jones quizzed each of the four about when their abilities started manifesting themselves.

They were told that they should come back in an hour for classroom instruction. They went over to Rick’s Cabaret for lunch.

I go in to pick up my check on Tuesday. As I’m waiting for my check in the back room of the store. There are screams from the front of the store. I went out to investigate. There is a super strong evil Emily dragging the real Emily out of the store. Strong Emily started flying, carrying good Emily. I grabbed strong Emily’s ankles. She told me to get lost, and that she’s going to “edit” Emily. I tried to shock her, but she ended up kicking me off. I bounced, but she got away.

I called Mr. Jones to ask for help. He told me that they were tracking Evil Emily and can help me recover her, but I’d have to agree to work with them. I agreed.

I went to the South entrance of the Federal Building, and met the other four people. They put us in a stripped down SWAT van where we couldn’t get any cell phone reception. We ended up at an office strip in Eden Prairie. Peter ripped the front door off, and Ian light the place up. After ripping off a couple of doors, we found Emily strapped in a chair with a crazy helmet with wires running to a bunch of equipment and Evil Emily was typing on a computer. She said something along the lines of “I onlly need a few more minutes!” Vanya ran in and started cutting Emily free with his pew pew laser. I knocked out all of the computers and stuff to stop whatever is happening. Peter tried to grab Evil Emily, but she free and knocked Vanya across the room, leaving a Vanya sized dent in the wall. Shadow Man shot Emily with a dark beam, but she shrugged it off. Mick smashed through the wall of the office and tried to grab her, but she got out of the way.

When George dropped a heavy weight on her, and everyone can now see that she’s not flesh and bone, she’s made of metal! Peter did something to her that made her flail around, which knocked him on his ass. Mick punched her in the stomach and it didn’t even hurt her.

Ian heard a whirring sound from outside, he went to investigate and saw a guy with a purple motorcycle helmet, all purple clothes, and big metal boots getting shot at by Rufus and the driver. He talks like a stoner, and says things like “Emily, dude, what are you doing? I saw you on the news.” Evil Emily leaves the room, knocking George into the next office as she goes by. I recognized the voice of the purple dude, who is a particularly lazy stocker from Best Buy who disappeared a few weeks ago.

Steve tells Emily to follow him home, but I stopped her from walking. Steve apparently just wants to leave, to keep from being caught by “The Man.” He asked Robot Emily what she was doing, and Robot Emily said that she was trying to program Emily to make her serve Steve.

Peter did something to her head, and she said “defense protocol initiated. I think I might be free!” After trying to attack her, her feet glowed and she shot into the air super fast. Mick jumped up and grabbed her feet, squeezing as hard as he could, which made her glowing feet fizzle. Ian grabbed her, and forced her to the ground. Steve says “Leave her alone, who’s going to make my sandwiches?” and “leave my girlfriend alone!” and whacked Ian with a glowing yellow tentacle/blob, knocking him to the ground. Robot Emily is still trying to get away, with Mick hanging from her feet.

I shot at Robot Emily with an electrical bolt, but missed and hit Mick, knocking him off of Robot Emily. Steve flew up, surrounded by a yellow glow, and when he got near Robot Emily the glow surrounded them both and they both disappear.

It got boring after that while we waited for transport. Rufus seemed kind of discombobulated. They grilled me about Steve.

The rest of the week was quiet, with more classes. On Friday an image consultant came to talk to us. They are deciding to call us “MART” for “Minneapolis Affected Response Team.” They come up with outfits for all of us, but I already have my trenchoat, fez, and yellow gloves, so they don’t need to make up a costume for me.

Mr. Jones calls us about a week later to tell us what he’s been authorized to tell us. It’s a powerpoint. There are about 20 dots on a map of Minneapolis, that seems to correlate to a center near the Hennepin Ave bridge in the warehouse district. They found a perfect 20foot radius sphere missing from the basement of the building. The only securiy camera footage that they have of the area shows something that could be an alien.

There have been three robberies of high-tech equipment in the last two weeks. Nobody knew how they were done until a video surveillance caught a biker walking through the wall at the last site.



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