Super Minneapolis

Super Minneapolis 2016-07-12

The ghost and the flame

Lucas Demont’s journal

It seems like we’re settling into a new normal, if that’s applicable in this situation. Apparently the other “affected” folks working with the police here locally have their own code name and are supposed to wear a uniform. I met our PR or at least costuming consultant Maddie who seems pretty anxious for us to settle on our costume, but was mostly pressing on the veterans who haven’t settled into the routine. I’m not sure if she’s noticed me yet.

Dr. Fiona Burnell contacted Ian. It’s like a after work party except people are not dead who you think should be or else are almost getting killed daily who would rather not be involved. And there’s no beer. The guy who drinks incessantly but never seems drunk did some investigation of his own and found out she’d recently resigned per position at the U. I thought for sure she was going to be at the lab that day, figured she’d be either dead or ONE OF US. I suggest we all get sandwiches and work this out as I am starting to feel a bit cooped up in this place. I portal us all to get her, the food, and bring it back to our secret hideout in the station.

It turns out she wants to study us. That’s a relief of sorts since I don’t have much confidence in the tests and controls these cops are using. I suppose that if they keep shooting at us in a gravel pit and don’t shoot someone else in a pit then that’s their version of a control group.

The team pitches in and empties out an old room in the basement as our new danger pit. Everyone seems interested in figuring what I can do. Funny thing is I’m not entirely sure myself, although I have no interest in getting chased across the universe again.

We get a call of an incident in Roseville at Hamline and Roselawn. Somebody literally made of fire is wrecking and killing. When we get there it’s a mess, houses are on fire, people are dead and dying. Creature appears to be made of pure fire, can speak in in human language in an inhuman voice, didn’t sound like that was actual vocal chords.

I asks firefighters to blast a tree with water so I can portal that blast at our target. Girder walks at him for the one-two punch, others approach for a distraction and fisticuffs while I hang back and see if I can drown him. The hose turns out to be only so effective as this guy is really made of flame, no solid material to him. It turns out that even smashing a car on him only knocks his form out of shape for so long, but when I dropped a whole swimming pool of water on him that knocked him unconscious. Turns out he’s just a kid. Ian wraps the kid in some dark restraining shackles of what I’m sure our minds are not supposed to know and the kid escapes for a bit, then captured in ball like a Pokemon. Poor kid.

Funny thing with Girder he turns back to flesh and blood when you drop a swimming pool on him. We didn’t have time to talk about that because the media came circling in, and we found out later that Girder got doxed.

Our next great adventure is that we were sent to track down someone called the Ghost that they’ve heard of before at an electronics developer in Eden Prarie. We stake the place out and low end behold something else shows up which I could only describe as some kind of goo golem who wants the circuit board, and the Ghost shows up and wants it too. The golem had some special equipment on its arm (once it decides to form said arm) that knocked the special powers out of everyone in the room. After a major scuffle it turns out that the Ghost is Dr. Burnell. We let her go – I portal’ed her out behind the mall but only shortly after we knocked out the security system.

The authorities are not pleased with our group. Apparently they think we’re not supposed to do this kind of thing. They say they know who she was – we weren’t fast enough taking out the cameras.

I’m still not sure what to think of Burnell. Are we getting played here? Not sure who to trust.



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