Super Minneapolis

Super Minneapolis 2016-08-09

The douche joins

Mick Connelly’s recollections.

So it’s been a week since our run-in with the Black Ghost. Peter and Ian are into that blob guy we tangled with. Jerk took away my metal. I don’t like him. They’re trying to get more info on him. Ian hears there’s been footage of blobbie ripping off electronics stores. Peter finds out the police know about it and are looking for it — but they aren’t supposed to engage, instead call the feds.

We’re still training. It’s kinda fun to be in school again. We’re doing ok as a team but after that fight with the fire guy we need to think more about saving people at the same time. Now for training we’re gonna do some team stuff. We head off to the danger pit.

I get paired up with that dude who loves the Wild, Lucas. We do some fun things with his portals like drop me 100 yards on to a rock. Epic hero landing. Dust, debris and everything. Wish this was on camera to get chicks hot and bothered. We do a trick with using smaller portals to allow me to punch really far. Very cool.

Next day Mr Jones comes with Maddie, that image consultant, and tells we need a group name. She’s working on corporate sponsorship still. We could get action figures. Cool. But they also drop the bomb that we got a new addition to the team — Kip Overton (the douche). He’s mid-20s, blonde, looks like an over-privileged frat boy. He’s our federal liaison and an affected. He’s a secret member to give us an edge. We have him show us his — he vanishes. Dude’s invisible. That’s how he’ll be secret. He’ll also be spying on us for the feds. Asshole.

Back to partner training. Peter and George pair up. They fly together, George makes a slide for Peter and a flying disc. Ian finds out his light beams cancel out against George’s dark shield. I can’t break George’s dark shield and his dark hammer can’t dent me.

And the next day more partner training. Ian and Peter train. It’s boring. At least they found out that if Ian goes real fast and turns that does not go well for his passenger.

And back to class the next day. Kip’s there. He’s not trying hard. Douche. Ian gets a call on cell from an unknown number. Zips to the roof on the next building. It’s Fiona. She’s got a new lab. She wants the goo. Kip appears on the roof our building. Clearly pissed at Ian. Ian meets her at midnight in dinkytown in closed sandwich shop. Ian tells her we’re all still willing to be tested. She’s stealing a lot of tech. He’s supposed to meet her in south Minneapolis by the river. It’s just a neighborhood. She takes him down through the ground. He freaks out partway down and she loses her grip on him. He’s in the rock, but not dead. He goes nova and gets some space, but not air. She grabs him and continues down. She’s decked out a cavern, size of a house. Got a living area, 4 PCs, freaky chair with restraints and boatload of sensors. They decide to test me in the chair later. He leaves the goo. He’s out real late, 3 AM. He picks up a burner phone at SA so feds can’t snoop so easily.

Next day is partner training again. I go at it with George. He flings me a mile. That was cool. At lunch we learn about Ian’s night. We’re supposed to meet her at midnight. We return from lunch and Rufus and Mr Jones are freaking out. There’s a crisis on the TV. A 2 story apartment building has appeared in Bohemian Flats park ( ). A bunch of homeless have moved in. Police are all over. They tried to bring in a bulldozer but the ground flipped it over. Clearly an affected is behind this.

Peter and I head over to the back entrance. I figure I may know some of the folks (from my days on the street) so maybe I can figure out what’s going on. I hear a familiar voice call out to me from the 2nd floor. It’s Derek my old mentor from when I was a homeless kid. He got me started on the path of construction and helped me survive on the streets. This is making more sense now. He always tried to make shelters for the crew only to have the law come and tear them down. He can manipulate earth and stone into forms, harden it, even heat it up. We go in and get a tour. He’s got “the cook” who can turn stuff into food, even shit. That’s gross. She doesn’t like Peter’s liquor so she turns it into water. Turns out she’s clean after being in rough shape. There a troubled latino kid, called Beamer, who’s a handful. Shoots beams out of his eyes. There’s another affected around too helping, didn’t meet him. There’s probably 60-70 people. Derek really has outdid himself. Kip is there too spying, invisible asshole.

We have some intense negotiating with Derek and the mayor. We convince him and the crew that he can put his skills to use, make some dough, buy a place proper, and make a go of it. The city will take care of everyone for 2 months while arrangements are made. Derek will dissolve the building here. But the affected need to go with the feds. So we transport people to temporary housing.

Two days later we find out the 2 other affected, Beamer and other guy, joined the feds special ops. The other guy is David who always stays the same. Whatever happens to him he reverts back to his previous state. I spend some time with Derek talking shop as he works on a building project.

Fiona never showed up before for the midnight meeting. The feds do this press conference where they come clean about having a special ops force dealing with the affected and tell people about the wave radiating out creating more. They say the affected can be sociopaths because of the change. Congress is working on a way to control them. This isn’t good.

Fiona calls Ian the next day. She ran into black ops. We still need to meet. We all get an email from Darren Martin, some CEO for a media image place. He wants to talk with us urgently. Whatever. We got an image consultant. Who is this prick spamming us.

Peter finds out there’s more blob stuff going on in North Minneapolis. That could be an area to check out to find that jerk.



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