Super Minneapolis

Super Minneapolis 2016-08-09
The douche joins

Mick Connelly’s recollections.

So it’s been a week since our run-in with the Black Ghost. Peter and Ian are into that blob guy we tangled with. Jerk took away my metal. I don’t like him. They’re trying to get more info on him. Ian hears there’s been footage of blobbie ripping off electronics stores. Peter finds out the police know about it and are looking for it — but they aren’t supposed to engage, instead call the feds.

We’re still training. It’s kinda fun to be in school again. We’re doing ok as a team but after that fight with the fire guy we need to think more about saving people at the same time. Now for training we’re gonna do some team stuff. We head off to the danger pit.

I get paired up with that dude who loves the Wild, Lucas. We do some fun things with his portals like drop me 100 yards on to a rock. Epic hero landing. Dust, debris and everything. Wish this was on camera to get chicks hot and bothered. We do a trick with using smaller portals to allow me to punch really far. Very cool.

Next day Mr Jones comes with Maddie, that image consultant, and tells we need a group name. She’s working on corporate sponsorship still. We could get action figures. Cool. But they also drop the bomb that we got a new addition to the team — Kip Overton (the douche). He’s mid-20s, blonde, looks like an over-privileged frat boy. He’s our federal liaison and an affected. He’s a secret member to give us an edge. We have him show us his — he vanishes. Dude’s invisible. That’s how he’ll be secret. He’ll also be spying on us for the feds. Asshole.

Back to partner training. Peter and George pair up. They fly together, George makes a slide for Peter and a flying disc. Ian finds out his light beams cancel out against George’s dark shield. I can’t break George’s dark shield and his dark hammer can’t dent me.

And the next day more partner training. Ian and Peter train. It’s boring. At least they found out that if Ian goes real fast and turns that does not go well for his passenger.

And back to class the next day. Kip’s there. He’s not trying hard. Douche. Ian gets a call on cell from an unknown number. Zips to the roof on the next building. It’s Fiona. She’s got a new lab. She wants the goo. Kip appears on the roof our building. Clearly pissed at Ian. Ian meets her at midnight in dinkytown in closed sandwich shop. Ian tells her we’re all still willing to be tested. She’s stealing a lot of tech. He’s supposed to meet her in south Minneapolis by the river. It’s just a neighborhood. She takes him down through the ground. He freaks out partway down and she loses her grip on him. He’s in the rock, but not dead. He goes nova and gets some space, but not air. She grabs him and continues down. She’s decked out a cavern, size of a house. Got a living area, 4 PCs, freaky chair with restraints and boatload of sensors. They decide to test me in the chair later. He leaves the goo. He’s out real late, 3 AM. He picks up a burner phone at SA so feds can’t snoop so easily.

Next day is partner training again. I go at it with George. He flings me a mile. That was cool. At lunch we learn about Ian’s night. We’re supposed to meet her at midnight. We return from lunch and Rufus and Mr Jones are freaking out. There’s a crisis on the TV. A 2 story apartment building has appeared in Bohemian Flats park ( ). A bunch of homeless have moved in. Police are all over. They tried to bring in a bulldozer but the ground flipped it over. Clearly an affected is behind this.

Peter and I head over to the back entrance. I figure I may know some of the folks (from my days on the street) so maybe I can figure out what’s going on. I hear a familiar voice call out to me from the 2nd floor. It’s Derek my old mentor from when I was a homeless kid. He got me started on the path of construction and helped me survive on the streets. This is making more sense now. He always tried to make shelters for the crew only to have the law come and tear them down. He can manipulate earth and stone into forms, harden it, even heat it up. We go in and get a tour. He’s got “the cook” who can turn stuff into food, even shit. That’s gross. She doesn’t like Peter’s liquor so she turns it into water. Turns out she’s clean after being in rough shape. There a troubled latino kid, called Beamer, who’s a handful. Shoots beams out of his eyes. There’s another affected around too helping, didn’t meet him. There’s probably 60-70 people. Derek really has outdid himself. Kip is there too spying, invisible asshole.

We have some intense negotiating with Derek and the mayor. We convince him and the crew that he can put his skills to use, make some dough, buy a place proper, and make a go of it. The city will take care of everyone for 2 months while arrangements are made. Derek will dissolve the building here. But the affected need to go with the feds. So we transport people to temporary housing.

Two days later we find out the 2 other affected, Beamer and other guy, joined the feds special ops. The other guy is David who always stays the same. Whatever happens to him he reverts back to his previous state. I spend some time with Derek talking shop as he works on a building project.

Fiona never showed up before for the midnight meeting. The feds do this press conference where they come clean about having a special ops force dealing with the affected and tell people about the wave radiating out creating more. They say the affected can be sociopaths because of the change. Congress is working on a way to control them. This isn’t good.

Fiona calls Ian the next day. She ran into black ops. We still need to meet. We all get an email from Darren Martin, some CEO for a media image place. He wants to talk with us urgently. Whatever. We got an image consultant. Who is this prick spamming us.

Peter finds out there’s more blob stuff going on in North Minneapolis. That could be an area to check out to find that jerk.

Super Minneapolis 2016-07-12
The ghost and the flame

Lucas Demont’s journal

It seems like we’re settling into a new normal, if that’s applicable in this situation. Apparently the other “affected” folks working with the police here locally have their own code name and are supposed to wear a uniform. I met our PR or at least costuming consultant Maddie who seems pretty anxious for us to settle on our costume, but was mostly pressing on the veterans who haven’t settled into the routine. I’m not sure if she’s noticed me yet.

Dr. Fiona Burnell contacted Ian. It’s like a after work party except people are not dead who you think should be or else are almost getting killed daily who would rather not be involved. And there’s no beer. The guy who drinks incessantly but never seems drunk did some investigation of his own and found out she’d recently resigned per position at the U. I thought for sure she was going to be at the lab that day, figured she’d be either dead or ONE OF US. I suggest we all get sandwiches and work this out as I am starting to feel a bit cooped up in this place. I portal us all to get her, the food, and bring it back to our secret hideout in the station.

It turns out she wants to study us. That’s a relief of sorts since I don’t have much confidence in the tests and controls these cops are using. I suppose that if they keep shooting at us in a gravel pit and don’t shoot someone else in a pit then that’s their version of a control group.

The team pitches in and empties out an old room in the basement as our new danger pit. Everyone seems interested in figuring what I can do. Funny thing is I’m not entirely sure myself, although I have no interest in getting chased across the universe again.

We get a call of an incident in Roseville at Hamline and Roselawn. Somebody literally made of fire is wrecking and killing. When we get there it’s a mess, houses are on fire, people are dead and dying. Creature appears to be made of pure fire, can speak in in human language in an inhuman voice, didn’t sound like that was actual vocal chords.

I asks firefighters to blast a tree with water so I can portal that blast at our target. Girder walks at him for the one-two punch, others approach for a distraction and fisticuffs while I hang back and see if I can drown him. The hose turns out to be only so effective as this guy is really made of flame, no solid material to him. It turns out that even smashing a car on him only knocks his form out of shape for so long, but when I dropped a whole swimming pool of water on him that knocked him unconscious. Turns out he’s just a kid. Ian wraps the kid in some dark restraining shackles of what I’m sure our minds are not supposed to know and the kid escapes for a bit, then captured in ball like a Pokemon. Poor kid.

Funny thing with Girder he turns back to flesh and blood when you drop a swimming pool on him. We didn’t have time to talk about that because the media came circling in, and we found out later that Girder got doxed.

Our next great adventure is that we were sent to track down someone called the Ghost that they’ve heard of before at an electronics developer in Eden Prarie. We stake the place out and low end behold something else shows up which I could only describe as some kind of goo golem who wants the circuit board, and the Ghost shows up and wants it too. The golem had some special equipment on its arm (once it decides to form said arm) that knocked the special powers out of everyone in the room. After a major scuffle it turns out that the Ghost is Dr. Burnell. We let her go – I portal’ed her out behind the mall but only shortly after we knocked out the security system.

The authorities are not pleased with our group. Apparently they think we’re not supposed to do this kind of thing. They say they know who she was – we weren’t fast enough taking out the cameras.

I’m still not sure what to think of Burnell. Are we getting played here? Not sure who to trust.

Super Minneapolis 2016-06-28
The one where we meet Wildman

Ian had an argument with Rufus about the outfit that he’s been assigned. Apparently he doesn’t like the white spandex unitard.—

Rufus took us to a gravel pit in Maple Grove. There’s a giant bulldozer. Mr. Jones is slouching next to the van, scribbling notes. Apparently this is our new outdoor Danger Room. Ironhead makes lots of gravel out of boulders and lets them shoot him with giant guns. They make us do stuff to show off our powers.

While we’re working out, a circular portal opens in the middle of the quarry and a man falls out of the portal obviously exhausted. He’s followed by 6 people/creatures who are all gray, with gray helmets and ray guns who are wearing jetpacks. They are about 4.5 feet tall, but are built wrong, legs and arms not quite in the right places.

Darkman and Sunspot both recognize the dude who came out of the portal and call him “Lucas.”

Everyone gets ready for a fight and Drunkman throws his empty whisky bottle at them and yells something about them killing his family. The gray dudes fly into the air and fired their ray guns at Drunkman and Ironhead. Drunkman goes down with two holes in his torso and Ironhead takes a blast to the face. It’s on now!

Sunspot shot all of the guns with his pew pew light rays, causing two of them to fly from their owner’s hands and a third to start emitting sparks. Suddenly a boulder disappears from the field an reappears above one of the bad guys, smooshing him. I made one of the guns malfunction and it exploded, killing the gray dude holding the gun. He killed our depressed friend, so he deserved it.

Darkman made a Van Halen symbol from dark matter and flung it at the bad guys, hitting two of them, and knocking one of them about. They shoot at people, and one of them throws what looks like a grenade, creating a 12 foot portal in the air above it. We continued fighting the bad guys, but I noticed that Drunkman is smoking a cigaret, it seems he’s not dead even with two giant holes in his chest. Ironhead grabbed one of the gray dudes, restraining it, but the rest of the them escaped through the grenate portal.

Now that we have time, we take a look at Lucas, who appears to be medium build, indeterminate ethnic status, and wearing tattered business casual cloths. He’s like a totally forgettable homeless guy. The gray dude touched something on his wrist, causing it to start beeping. Ironhead ripped it from his wrist and threw it because it seems to be about to blow up.

Apparently this Lucas Dupont dude was working at S.T.A.R. Labs with Sunspot and Darkman when the “experiment” exploded, that’s how they know him. He says that he’s been at the Rio Grande for a couple of days. He’s been missing for months.

A helicopter with 8 special forces guys lands and point guns at Lucas and the gray dude. Mr. Jones tries to get Lucas onto the helicopter, but Darkman and Drunkman tell him not to go because he’ll be put in a secret facility and brainwashed to be a super operative. Darkman grabs Lucas and goes through one of his dark portals.

When we got back to the Federal Building, we found Lucas and Darkman waiting there for us. Rufus tells us confidentially that the police know that people are being disappeared. Much discussion ensues during which Ian and George thought they noticed something in the corner, but when they looked again nothing was there. We decided that Lucas needs to have a very public outing as a super hero so that he won’t be disappeared. We all started through a portal that Lucas created, but just as Ironhead and Drunkman walk to the portal, they are knocked aside apparently by a shadow.

We came out of the portal in the Minnesota Wild locker room. We had heard something attack the two at the end of the marching order, so Darkman created a black portal and said something like “We need to get back there!” Sunspot and I jumped into the black portal.

Lucas strapped on some skates, threw a MN Wild jersey around his shoulders, and skated out between periods, jumping around the rink and turning himself into Wildman!

Something hit Ironhead with a stun gun. When Ironhead tried to knock the stun-gun away, he missed. Drunkman did something to the shadow-man, who turned into a regular special forces dude.

He tried to turn back into shadow and ended up wrapped in dark ribbons exuded by Darkman. I absorbed the power from the stun gun, and the guy shot from the dark bands and into the wall. Darkman put him in a sphere cage of darkness.

I called 911 to come and arrest the dude, and Darkman revealed that he knows this guy from a special forces unit that Darkman used to be in. The guy got pissed and said something like “George, don’t say a word or I’ll personally take care of you.” The police arrived, and Drunkman knocked out the special forces dude so they could take him away.

We argued with Mr. Jones about the constitutional rights of Affected people. I think that people should be aprehended and tried for their crimes, not disappeared into some secret government facility. It did not go well.

Wildman showed up again, still pretty exhilerated from his fun adventure at the game. Now that he’s a public figure, he’s going to join the team.

Super Minneapolis 2016-06-14
The one where we join the cops

When I went to work on Saturday, it was a zoo. There were news people and others not buying anything. After a couple of hours, my manager sent me home and told me that he wouldn’t be scheduling me for two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to pay the rent. :(

The other four were brought to a gym with a big black dude named Rufus Jones holding a tonfa. He tells them that he is the one who will decide if they are ready for the field and he’s demanding that everyone demonstrate their abilities. George Arthur (Shadow Man) teleported out of the room, then created a black sphere and crushed the basketball hoop, then shot a ray from his finger. Mick Connelly (SteelHead) said a corny catchphrase and turned into steel, then tossed a heavy weight, then ran through the wall.

Peter Driscoll (Spooky Dude) drank a couple of bottles of booze without touching the bottle. Light Boy shot the bottle, shattering it and embedding glass in Peter’s face. The glass floated out of his face and he healed immediately. He then walked over and lifted some weights from the weight set without touching them. He claims that that he can reach into someone’s body and squeeze their organs. Rufus volunteers for a demonstration. He gasped and backed away.

Ian Vanya (Light Boy) says that he already demonstrated his shooting ability. He also can move faster than sound. He gets all glowy and says that it protects him.

Mr. Jones quizzed each of the four about when their abilities started manifesting themselves.

They were told that they should come back in an hour for classroom instruction. They went over to Rick’s Cabaret for lunch.

I go in to pick up my check on Tuesday. As I’m waiting for my check in the back room of the store. There are screams from the front of the store. I went out to investigate. There is a super strong evil Emily dragging the real Emily out of the store. Strong Emily started flying, carrying good Emily. I grabbed strong Emily’s ankles. She told me to get lost, and that she’s going to “edit” Emily. I tried to shock her, but she ended up kicking me off. I bounced, but she got away.

I called Mr. Jones to ask for help. He told me that they were tracking Evil Emily and can help me recover her, but I’d have to agree to work with them. I agreed.

I went to the South entrance of the Federal Building, and met the other four people. They put us in a stripped down SWAT van where we couldn’t get any cell phone reception. We ended up at an office strip in Eden Prairie. Peter ripped the front door off, and Ian light the place up. After ripping off a couple of doors, we found Emily strapped in a chair with a crazy helmet with wires running to a bunch of equipment and Evil Emily was typing on a computer. She said something along the lines of “I onlly need a few more minutes!” Vanya ran in and started cutting Emily free with his pew pew laser. I knocked out all of the computers and stuff to stop whatever is happening. Peter tried to grab Evil Emily, but she free and knocked Vanya across the room, leaving a Vanya sized dent in the wall. Shadow Man shot Emily with a dark beam, but she shrugged it off. Mick smashed through the wall of the office and tried to grab her, but she got out of the way.

When George dropped a heavy weight on her, and everyone can now see that she’s not flesh and bone, she’s made of metal! Peter did something to her that made her flail around, which knocked him on his ass. Mick punched her in the stomach and it didn’t even hurt her.

Ian heard a whirring sound from outside, he went to investigate and saw a guy with a purple motorcycle helmet, all purple clothes, and big metal boots getting shot at by Rufus and the driver. He talks like a stoner, and says things like “Emily, dude, what are you doing? I saw you on the news.” Evil Emily leaves the room, knocking George into the next office as she goes by. I recognized the voice of the purple dude, who is a particularly lazy stocker from Best Buy who disappeared a few weeks ago.

Steve tells Emily to follow him home, but I stopped her from walking. Steve apparently just wants to leave, to keep from being caught by “The Man.” He asked Robot Emily what she was doing, and Robot Emily said that she was trying to program Emily to make her serve Steve.

Peter did something to her head, and she said “defense protocol initiated. I think I might be free!” After trying to attack her, her feet glowed and she shot into the air super fast. Mick jumped up and grabbed her feet, squeezing as hard as he could, which made her glowing feet fizzle. Ian grabbed her, and forced her to the ground. Steve says “Leave her alone, who’s going to make my sandwiches?” and “leave my girlfriend alone!” and whacked Ian with a glowing yellow tentacle/blob, knocking him to the ground. Robot Emily is still trying to get away, with Mick hanging from her feet.

I shot at Robot Emily with an electrical bolt, but missed and hit Mick, knocking him off of Robot Emily. Steve flew up, surrounded by a yellow glow, and when he got near Robot Emily the glow surrounded them both and they both disappear.

It got boring after that while we waited for transport. Rufus seemed kind of discombobulated. They grilled me about Steve.

The rest of the week was quiet, with more classes. On Friday an image consultant came to talk to us. They are deciding to call us “MART” for “Minneapolis Affected Response Team.” They come up with outfits for all of us, but I already have my trenchoat, fez, and yellow gloves, so they don’t need to make up a costume for me.

Mr. Jones calls us about a week later to tell us what he’s been authorized to tell us. It’s a powerpoint. There are about 20 dots on a map of Minneapolis, that seems to correlate to a center near the Hennepin Ave bridge in the warehouse district. They found a perfect 20foot radius sphere missing from the basement of the building. The only securiy camera footage that they have of the area shows something that could be an alien.

There have been three robberies of high-tech equipment in the last two weeks. Nobody knew how they were done until a video surveillance caught a biker walking through the wall at the last site.

Super Minneapolis 2016-05-31
Adventure Log of The Human Capacitor!

I had a visit at my apartment from a generic middle-aged balding man named “Mr. Jones” who said that he represented some branch of the government and is interested in people who were “affected” by recent events. He claimed to have some surveillance tape of something that happened a couple of weeks ago. He wants to recruit me, but refuses to tell me what I’d have to do except learn about my abilities and be available for “missions.” He says that they will pay me 10 times my current salary. I agreed to go to their facility next week, but didn’t commit to doing what they say.

A few days later, on Tuesday afternoon, I went downtown to have a late lunch at the food trucks on Marquette Ave, when three hulking monsters appear at the back of the line and start attacking people. People seem to be running from the South to get away from the creatures. I tried to get people to run away while interposing myself between them and the people running away. One of the creature grabbed me, but could actually get through my shield to hurt me. When I tried to touch it to knock it out, I managed to miss even though I am literally being held by it. What a loser.

I can see a dude in a shabby suit with a handgun also trying to fight one of the monsters. He moved up to one of the monsters, looked at it funny, and the monster went down. I was hit by one of the creatures and knocked down, which hurt and made me mad. I got back up and punched it with all my strength, knocking it out. It turned into a normal office worker. What’s going on with that? The dude in the cheap suit with the handgun shot another creature in the head, which also reverted to a normal human. So when we take them out they turn into normal people, wierd.

The remaining creature near me tried to hit me, but it’s hit was deflected by my EM field. I grabbed its arm and gave it a good jolt to knock it out. I saw that the guy with the gun was shooting at the creature still advancing on him. The other creature is still just standing there not trying to attack. I was hit really hard, which knocked me back into a wall. That hurts. The guy with the gun that I can see over there got hit, knocking him back. I grabbed a power line from the food truck generator to make myself feel better. The generator could barely keep up with me. The guy with the handgun shot the creature.

The two creatures knocked over the food truck that I was hiding under, knocking it on it’s side. A guy in work boots and jeans with dull ironm skin ran up and yelled at the two who knocked over the food truck “Hey, I wanted a taco!” He’s running toward me. I rolled away and missed them with a lightning bolt. The guy with the handgun shot one of the creatures again and the other flailed around as if hurt, but the guy didn’t seem do anything. Hmm.

The metal dude seems to be holding up to getting hit, but can’t hurt these guys. I finally was able to punch the guy attacking me, and POW, right in the kisser. Down he went. I see what looks like a guy in the middle of a bright globe of light flying around to the south of us. A dark guy who looks like he has a stick up his ass flew up and shot a black beam at the last creature that seemed to be pinned by the gunslinger.

We ran up the couple of blocks to the Dakota which seems to be the center of the trouble. The monster waiter tried to hit the gunslinger, so I shot the monster with a lightning bolt, knocking it out. The dark dude yelled “Attack the minions!” The light dude shot a light bolt at the violinist (who should have been a pianist), taking it out. The steel dude slid a giant concrete planter through the front of the Dakota and into the saxophonist (who would have been a bassist in a decent jazz trio) and I stepped in and punched it in the face, stunning it. The gunslinger is punching the guy who kept saying “you’re not perfect” as if we are annoying him. Ironhead and I fought the drummer and saxophonist at close range while the others tried to snipe at the drummer, who seems to have a magical ability to avoid them. Steelhead grabbed the drum set and whacked the drummer with it while I hit the saxophonist right in the face and took it out. The diner seems to be almost normal now.

The drummer punched Ironhead in the head, knocking him back a bit. That looked like it hurt. When dark dude finally took out the drummer, and the diner turned into a homeless man. I walked up and touched him to knock him unconscious. We all faded to try to escape, but I got stopped by police asking for a witness statement. I told them how I hid under the food truck and didn’t see a thing.

Enough of the cell phone video was streaming to the internet, and we are all identified through image enhancement and doxxed. The police came to my apartment and “invited” me to to

Peter Driscoll, private investigator, former military, former cop, who was in a car crash and his family was killed and he was severely injured and lost his right arm, which grew back.

George Arthur, former Navy Seal, now a security guy at a lab.

Ian Vanya, Phycisist/guitarist in a metal band. He’s supposed to be dead.

They picked me and the rest of the people up in a dark car. I didn’t want to go to the FBI building, so I got out of the car downtown and went to Target to buy some sunglasses.

The rest of the group met with Betsy Hodgens (mayor of Minneapolis), Janee Harteau (Chief of Police), and Mr. Jones. The officials told them that they need help, so they want us to be a special task force of the police to “take care” of such incidents.

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