Character Creation

Character creation is based on a point system – you will receive a fixed number of points to create your character with (probably around 150).
These are called “Power Points”, and represent the general power level of a character.

Each Attribute point above 0 costs 2 Power points.
Each Attribute point lowered below 0 grants 1 Power point.

1 Defense rank costs 1 Power point.

2 Skill points cost 1 Power points.

1 Advantage point costs 1 Power point.

Power Cost
You actually pay power points to increase ranks in each Effect your power grants you.
Effects power costs are variable — I can put up some for example but I think this will be worked out as you go along.

Skills: Total points in any given skill cannot exceed 20.
Attack: Total attack modifiers cannot exceed 20. 10 if it does not require at attack check.
Dodge+Toughness: Cannot exceed 20.
Parry+Toughness: Cannot exceed 20.
Fortitude+Will: Cannot exceed 20.

Character Creation

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