Ezra Bartholomew was a terribly troubled teen.
He is about 16 years old, caucasion.
He comes from an abusive family, and his Mom used to burn him as punishment.
As a result his upper legs and arms are covered in small burn scars — placed there because they would not normally be in view.

He is obsessed with fires, and has already spent time in juvenile facilities for arson.

He now has the ability to become living flame, and to project flame from himself.
He can control flame, enhance it, and even create shapes out of it.

When transformed he no longer has solid substance – he is literally a living flame with the general outline of a human. His voice becomes shaky and unearthly.

He revels in causing destruction — on discovering his powers he decides to set the whole world on fire and watch it burn. He initially believes he is invulnerable.

The characters are called into an emergency situation, at the intersection of Hamline and Roselawn. He has four houses burning down, and is working his way down the street. Traffic is jammed up, and about a dozen cars are burning out in the intersection. People are abandoning their cars and fleeing. Several burned out bodies can be seen in the intersection. When they arrive one man in still burning to death, screaming pitifully until he finally collapses.

If the characters snuff him out (like by having Darkstar surround him in a bubble), it will work the first time. They will see he is a naked kid. After just a few minutes, however, he will come to — cackle that “that won’t work again!” and start burning things up.

In the even they figure something out that does work, he will attempt to flee — possible down a drainhole. He eventually finds a gas transport truck and deliberately explodes it.

If captured — the group is asked quite pointedly by Mr. Jones what kind of due process can be done for him?


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