Fiona Burnell contacts Ian Vanya, using the contact information given earlier. She asks for permission to visit the training facility. If Ian arranges to let her inside, she asks for permission to perform some research on the characters, to determine the source of their abilities.

She feels very responsible for the lab accident. She also has resigned from the UofM after having been forbidden to pursue this research.

After initial arrangments, when she says she will bring in some equipment, she leaves.


The characters are called to the predicted point of the next ghost robbery. It is an advanced electronics company called Miller Electronics. It is at a suburban corporate park in the south west. The characters are asked to stake out a particular room – some remotely viewing cameras. Some nearby concealed behind cubicle walls. They must wait for nearly six hours before something happens.

What happens is not what is expected. Angle John shows up to steal the same equipment. He carries with him a one-use prototype capable of removing peoples powers in a 20’ radius. He steals the equipment, as as he moves to leave the Ghost appears from the wall and steals it from him. He sets off his device, causing the Ghost to become stuck and possible catching characters in the blast. He tries to get it and get out. She tries to flee from him and them. Neither of them try to hurt anybody.

Angle John will probably get away, as the players have no means to contain them. Ghost might be revealed to be Fiona.


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